Wrington Vales 462nd Convocation

Three nervous Principal’s before the start of the Convocation
A Brand New and very Proud Companion Philip Day being looked after by IPZ
Three Very relaxed Principals at the end

Companions I apologise for being a bit late with this post but I have been laid for the past week with an awful virus which I picked up at our meeting or next day at Fraternal visit to Exmouth which made me dizzy, burning up and a thumping head ache. My Wife grounded me from a meeting I was due to go to at Bath! Our  462nd Convocation was a very good and a smooth running evening with every one working very hard for the benefit of Bro Day, from the look on his face he was impressed and rightly so. From chatting to him he will be a very keen member of our Chapter. We where also honoured with the Presence of  E Comp D John Bennett Past Grand Superintendent For Somerset and obviously E Comp Ray Beckingham Second Provincial Grand Principal and E Comp Neil  Hurcum Third Provincial  Grand Principal both produced their usual excellent contributions to the Ceremony( they are members). Even our guest don’t sit on the side lines E Comp Darrell Hinder Provincial Grand Sojourner joined in as Principal Sojourner and carried out his part with flair and did an excellent job. So again it was another very good meeting at Wrington Vale with the work being carried to our usual high standards. Our next meeting is Monday 13th  May which will be an Exaltation as we have 3 Candidates waiting to join!! Don’t forget The Provincial Convocation on 16th May at the Webbington.

Regards to you all,

Barry Jones. CLO Wrington vale