Wrington Vale 465th Convocation, Installation.

The Principles ready for action
E Comp David delivering the address to the Principles

The agenda was swiftly dealt with and we came to the main event the installation. E Comp Ben White was “J” elect and for our newer Companions as a past “Z” he only had to affirm his previous obligation and as he was already  possession of the secrets and word of his  chair  he was invested with the robe and sceptre of his chair. E Comp David Bussell replaced E Comp John Vowles “Z” Elect who was then obligated and invested by E Comp Ian Angel. E Comp Ian carried out the work with sincerity and feeling, Ian is a very competent ritualist and in his year he has had a lot to deal with all out of his control  but he kept going and handed over the Chapter to John with pride.

The Team, with a substitute

John took the 1st Principals chair and lead the Chapter through the meeting in his own style and invested his officers, so we are looking forward another good year at Wrington Vale. That is one of the reasons why Chapter is so enjoyable as we have 3 Principals each one has the opportunity to put their own personality into the chair which makes each meeting unique. The address to the Principal’s was delivered faultlessly by E Comp David as was the addresses to the Officers and Companions  and to add to a very pleasant evening the Chapter was closed at about 1930hrs (Scribe E will have the exact time) so there was no rushing to return the Chapter to a Craft Lodge and for the Companions to arm themselves with a drink prior to the festive board. I cannot comment of the meal as it was my first outing since having a new knee and it was time for me to be taken home, I would like to thank all of the Companions that I spoke with for their very kind and sympathetic words of encouragement both members and visitors alike, it makes you proud to be a member of this organisation.

For the future February’s meeting the Exaltation of Bro Peter Cast, we also have candidates lined up for the rest of the year so busy time ahead for the Chapter plus we have to fit in the lectures. Also the Provincial meeting  on the 21st May 2020 the Chapter has been honoured with E Comp David Weatherill on First Appointment receiving the Office of Provincial Grand Standard Bearer and myself being Promoted to Past Provincial Grand Sojourner.

Happy Christmas Companions,

Barry Jones,

CLO, Wrington Vale Chapter.