Wrington Vale 1199 464th Convocation

A happy companion and a very tall Companion

Companions apologise yet again for the lateness of this post as the ill health spotlight got me again, not that  I am particularly unwell just lots of me is broken.

The meeting was held on 14th October 2019 at Yatton our usual home with the DC having something to worry about as J, E Comp Gary  Sharp was unavoidably detained at work. E Comp John D Bennett, PGSupt, stood in as J, I think John is working harder now than he did when he was Grand Superintendent. The meeting was to Exalt Bro Ian Burbage, AKA “Babs”, of The Forest of Mendip Lodge. The meeting went as they usually do at Wrington Vale with the 3 Principals working hard to produce a good ceremony for Ian, which they did. The Sojourners gave excellent performances as did the Companions who gave the lectures but then they always do! Comp Ian enjoyed the ceremony and looked impressed but the drama didn’t end there, it was the Treasurer’s turn to worry. The catering staff were having problems with the cooking range so there was a last minute change to the festive board menu, we got away with it.

For the future – the Installation meeting is on the 9th of December 2019 and E Comp David Dixon, Third Provincial Grand Principal, is visiting us and E Comp Ben White is having another go at J. We have a candidate  to Exalt next year, the usual Lectures to give so the start of next year for Decembers team is starting to shape up nicely.

The fun for me never stops, on the 22nd November I am having a total knee replacement and knee cap resurfacing so my wife will bring me to the Installation meeting and I might have a ride on Yatton’s stair lift.

Regards to you all,

E Comp Barry Jones,

CLO Wrington Vale.

The 3 Principals looking relaxed before we start.


The Sojourners keen to get going
The Exit
A very pleased looking new member Comp Ian
a bit blurred but tells a story