Who is Your Weekly Quiz Master?

That is the question!

Comp Mike Marshal

Since the beginning of April Companions of the Province of Somerset have been receiving each Tuesday a weekly light-hearted quiz. How did this weekly event start? Well looking back to March this year we all had our first experience of Lockdown which brought with it isolation from friends and family. A depressing period and so to help bring a small ray of light to an otherwise dark time and provide a bit of fun to the members of my mother Lodge, Vivary No. 8654, in Taunton, I started sending them weekly picture quizzes. E Comp Barry Woodside, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, who as member of Vivary Lodge started to get drawn into these quizzes and thought that Companions of Somerset’s Holy Royal Arch would like to join in the fun. So for the past eight months I have been compiling two quizzes each week, a total of around 800 questions to date.

The quizzes cover the usual subjects of History, Geography Science and Popular Culture but I try to give each one a twist, such as naming plants that share their names with animals, identifying chocolate bars from their adverts, naming fictional characters “other halves”. Plus the use of cryptic picture clues to Underground stations and Instrumental Hits for example. Of course there have been more traditional quizzes to bring things back on track, quizzes to identify Somerset towns that have a Masonic Hall, famous city Squares, Musicals and even a look back at the year 2000.

I have been writing and presenting quizzes since 2000 and it all started after I attended a charity quiz where the organiser had taken all the questions from a quiz book and a not very up to date one at that! I thought that if people were paying money then they deserved to be entertained with original material and original formats which would encourage them to return time and again.

I set out to write and research questions that would be unique, not to be found in usual quiz books and importantly would be fun as well as informative.

Vivary Quiz night at Taunton Masonic Hall

Over the following 20 years I have written many thousands of questions and together with my wife as adjudicator have presented quizzes for organisations including village halls, churches, Scouts, Twinning Associations, and even Masonic Lodges in fact for anyone who wants to raise monies for a good cause.

Back in the beginning of April when I put together the first weekly Quiz for Companions little did I think that this would be the first of thirty two (and still counting!) As we go into Lockdown 2 look out for further quizzes – we all need something to bring a smile to our faces in these unusual times.

Comp Mike Marshall

Chapter of St George No. 3158