What have you been up to in the Lockdown – No 2 – E Comp Adrian Halliwell

Being of a certain age I have been self isolating since Anne and I returned from our aborted trip to Australia. Our cruise to the Great Barrier Reef was cancelled due to New Zealand closing down ports to cruise ships. But we had nine days visiting our son and family in Adelaide before hand. With only four days before the cruise was to depart Sydney it was cancelled we had to rearrange our flights back to UK, which is another story.

Mrs H and I brought the fine weather back with us from Australia and it was shorts on again. One of our hobbies is our garden, which we established seven years ago. It was basically overgrown with trees, bushes, and wayward plants which we removed and started with a blank canvas. Over the years we have established the garden changing parts as things become too hard to maintain or we have different ideas.

As part of the changes in the garden we take cuttings, split plants  and propagate allsorts, Mrs H is the one for this. As a consequence we have a surplus of plants so we decided to put a table outside the bungalow and sell them off. We have been doing this for several years with monies from the sales going to Teddies For Loving Care, TLC for short, which I am the Taunton Area Coordinator. However, this year we have given the money to Captain Tom’s Appeal and Love Musgrove Covid-19 Appeal, together amounting to £130. Our plant sales are now well established and the number of people coming has meant that we have been wiped out of plants. Put the table out and within an hour it was nearly all gone! There are still plants coming on so perhaps we shall have more for sale later.

Thanks to the good weather, garden centres being closed and people taking their exercise we have once again had a good year for selling plants. So next year who knows…

E Comp Adrian Halliwell and Mrs H