What have you been up to in the Lockdown – No 1 – E Comp Barry Jones

E Comp Barry Jones, Prov Grand Steward

After our recent Wrington Vale meeting I was all set to compose a piece for our page, with photographs, when I had problems with my new knee and arthritis it knocked me off course. Then on the 18th March I had an accident to beat all my other efforts at doing myself harm. As I went to step off the top stair my right knee gave way propelling me down all 13 stairs, my descent was arrested by a solid oak door. This earned me a fast trip in an ambulance, after the hour or so it took them to extract me from my hallway, I managed to do the following to myself: 9 fractured ribs front and back of my rib cage, fractured spine, torn right kidney, damaged bladder and pancreas, a hemothorax and pulmonary contusion and a huge hole in my scalp (17 staples and a fairly serious head injury) and a huge amount of fluid in my abdomen. The day in question has vanished from my memory the subsequent four I lived in a different reality apparently, I tried to escape twice.

I was discharged from hospital too early but, in thinking about it now, it was exactly the right time as the patient in the next bed went down with Covid-19!!  With one day till my discharge from hospital Karen managed to order and get delivered a hospital bed for our sitting room. She had to buy it as there was no other options and the hospital didn’t want to let me out without it. My son and grandson put it together and my daughter managed to buy a new hospital mattress and bed table, also delivered same time as the bed, a real family effort (my daughter lives in Wiltshire). I am still using the bed down stairs.

As I was banned from the stairs and to be honest I had no desire to go up and down them, I managed to have 3 telephone surveys for a stair lift one using WhatsApp and within 24 hrs I had a lift ordered and fitted by a reputable company, with a good discount.

I left hospital with a rather nasty bladder infection, Serratia Liquefaciens, a horrible 3rd World bacteria, or one that lives in UK Hospitals, plus a catheter again, the catheter and infection are now gone.

What is amusing now, a couple of Doctor’s couldn’t help themselves and just blurted what they were thinking. One said “How come you’re still alive” and got a dagger look from the nurse. I was extensively bruised, dark purple from above my knee to chest, another Doctor said “On my God, I’ve only ever seen bruising that bad on a corpse”. Not the best bedside manner but I can laugh about it now.

During my recuperation I have been going through my airgun collection, fine tuning their accuracy and my skill. I have a nice set up with a lounge chair and foot-stool in the conservatory leading to the back garden where I can safely practice target shooting at about 25 yards. I can stretch it to 35 yards by putting the firing point in the sitting room (something I did when Karen was at work!!).

This was written by E Comp Barry Jones and forwarded to me. I am sure you will all wish Barry a speedy recovery.
If you have any stories of what you have been up to in the Lockdown, hopefully not one like Barry’s, then why not send them to me at clo@somersetroyalarch.org