King Alfred Chapter 3169 May Convocation

The 113th meeting of King Alfred Chapter was again grateful for the support of companions from its mother Chapter Inkerman 1222.

Arthur Rowe (H), Maldwyn Davies (2nd Provincial Grand Principal), Tony Wilsher-Day (Z), Adrian Halliwell (PrGDepDC), Steve Bennett (3rd Provincial Grand Principal – Bristol), Sandy Glen (J)
E. Comp Brian Horn from 1222 kindly stood in as DC at short notice as E Comp  Ian White was called for a knee operation, whilst Comp Gordon Vinnicombe stood in as Janitor. In addition, E Comp Arthur Rowe stood in as H for E Comp Jeremy Thomas.
The first duty was to welcome E. Comp Maldwyn Davies 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, escorted by PrGDepDC E.Comp Adrian Halliwell. The Chapter was further delighted and honoured by a visit from E.Comp Steve Bennett 3rd Provincial Grand Principal from the Province of Bristol.
Whilst the Chapter is awaiting a candidate, a demonstration of the Exaltation Ceremony was performed. Comp Gosta Vou stood in as the candidate, which proved to be beneficial both for the officers performing the ceremony and the stand in candidate to reinforce the benefits of the Exaltation.
At the last convocation the Chapter made a donation of £500 to the East Africa Crisis Appeal. The Charity Steward E Comp reported that he had received a very grateful letter from Oxfam thanking the Chapter from the donation explaining the help this will bring.
The next convocation will be on 12 June at 6:30.
Adrian Halliwell, Steve Bennett and Maldwyn Davies at the May 2017 3169 Festive Board
Adrian Halliwell, Steve Bennett and Maldwyn Davies at the Festive Board
3169 Principals at the festive board
The Principals at the festive board

Wrington Vale Installation Meeting, December 16

Companions my apologies for the lateness of my report, early in the New Year I had a freak accident and damaged my right kidney in that it stopped working. It’s all on the mend now.

The Installation meeting was on the 12th December where D John Bennett, MEGS, was present accompanied by E Comp Derek Tadman, Prov Assistant Grand DC, and our own Peter Ansell, Prov Steward.

A ballot was taken to have MEGS join the Chapter as an honorary member which of course was successful, we are very proud to have the Grand Superintendent as a member of Wrington Vale.

The Installation commenced slightly unusually as J elect was unable to attend due to work. E Comp Derek Wilton, Chapter stalwart, stood in as J for the entire meeting. I was installed as Z by E Comp Mark Golding who did it faultlessly. I suddenly felt slightly nervous maybe because Mark did such a good job or I was now in the spotlight or the enormity of the Ceremony, I survived and thoroughly enjoyed it. MEGS was kept busy presenting Chapter Jewels to E Comps Ray and Mark, IPZ jewel to Mark, CLO collaret to me, Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Golding and the new Tracing Board to the Chapter.

The meeting went smoothly topped off with an excellent festive board, our next meeting is on the 13th February my first ceremony an exaltation of Bro Simon Cassidy. Another unusual one, installing J BUT H has had his shift changed!! more headaches for Scribe E and the DC. Our May meeting is on the 8th, Province are giving an explanation of the new Tracing Board with our Ladies Present at the explanation and the Festive board something to look forward to.

Barry Jones, Wrington Vale CLO.