Tyntesfield Chapter meeting 12th Decemer 2019

The Principals of the Chapter and E Comp Ray Beckingham and Past MEGS John Bennett, with Comp Phil Taylor

The Companions all paraded in in fine style, I did not see the ceremony as we were short of a Janitor this evening, so I swapped my ADC role to a Janitor Role, words to follow are from E Comp Iain Disdale, I will pick up on this after the meeting at the awesome Tyntesfield Festive Board.

Tyntesfield Chapter honored by presence of E Comp Ray Beckingham, 2nd Provincial Principal, to witness the Exaltation of the latest Somerset Companion W Bro Phillip Taylor of Wraxall Lodge.

The Principals E Comps David Maddern (Z), Jon Mansell (Acting H) and Richard Hicken (J) were greatly assisted by E Comps Richard Ellis, John Bennett and David Maddern presenting the Mystical Lecture, with E Comp Iain Disdel presenting the signs.

E Comp Richard Reeve swapped his DC duties with E Comp Chris Haliburton and delivered most of the Sojourners work to a great standard.

Afterwards, the companions were treated to an excellent and merry festive
festive board.


The evening was very much a Wraxall 9011 Lodge event with 7 members plus 5 further visiting companions all supporting fellow Wraxall Lodge member.

It was a special evening for Comp Phil Taylor, being exalted into his late
father’s chapter, E Comp Dr John Taylor who was one of Tyntesfield’s first

Tyntesfield Chapter is in good heart and in a healthy position with two more
candidates proposed and to be exalted in February and May 2020.

Plus other picture of many members of Wraxall Lodge supporting the newly
exalted companion.

Right I am back, We had such a merry and jolly festive board to welcome Companion Chris to this most wonderful order, I think I will let the photos we took tell the rest of the story on this one, I did get chance to get a couple of photos that really show the Companionship of this great order with my good chums and fellow companions, Comp Davide Pina and Comp Jerry Jones.


I cannot urge all MM high enough to seek out your Royal Arch (Chapter) representative and find out about joining this wonderful degree, when you do you will kick yourself for not joining sooner, I guarantee you that.

Until Next Time Cheers.

Rob Collins CLA
for the Tyntesfield 4494 Royal Arch Chapter.
Meeting in the Nailsea Temple here in Somersetshire

Author: Robert Collins

Author/Journalist/Countryman/Chef/champion of the young sports, I head up the Somerset Branch of the Masonic Fishing Charity & the International Pass It On Young Sports non profit Organisation, with a love of the out doors an all field sports and fishing and conservation for they walk hand in hand, check out my websites to see who I really am, I also have a love of all Freemasonary. www.mtsfc.org.uk www.pass-it-on-young-sports.org.uk www.theolehedgecreeper.co.uk www.reallywildadventures.co.uk www.countrymans-diary.co.uk