Training for the 21st Century (part 2)

Steve Hutchings, John Hawkins, Derek Tadman, Chris Moore, Brian Horn, Bob Moore, Ian Walker and, a surprised that it worked, Richard Ellis
Don Heys, Chris Moore, Ray Warren, Clive Hennessy, the back of Steve Wilson, Peter Light and Bob, just visible, explaining the main menu
Bob, Paul Herbert, Steve Coles and Chris in discussion

The last three sessions of the Calderley Liaison Officers Training Seminars were held on 24th August with the usual trio of tutors/sorter outers of E Comps Bob Moore, Chris Moore and Adrian Halliwell took place at the Webbington Hotel and Spar.

The day seemed to fly by with the help of very enthusiastic and enquiring attendees. Sometimes the ideas brought up would encourage the improvement of the website in the not too distant future.

This was the final tutorial before the official launch of the new Provincial Website, due to take place at the Calderley Chapter of Union Convocation on 5th September.