Things to do in the shutdown

Dear Companions,

I hope that you are all managing to cope with this lockdown, I realise some can go out but others like myself and Chris have to stay at home for three months. But then there are others worse off.

I realise that there are only so many jobs we can do at home, so may I take this opportunity to remind you that you still have the Solomon website to look up nuggets or longer talks on the Royal Arch, on

You could also learn a piece of ritual that you have never considered doing before, so that we as members of the Royal Arch can share the work between more of our companions rather than relying on the same people every meeting, if you are not sure what to learn please contact your Chapter D.C. who will assist you.

We will probably not meet until after the summer recess, although no decision has at this stage been made, so it gives you quite a long time to extend your knowledge of the ceremonies.

May I also remind you to keep in touch with one another through Twitter, Facebook, Zoom, Whats App or any other means so that we do not forget our Companions, we are all Almoners.

Best wishes to you all and Stay Safe,

Yours Sincerely & Fraternally,

E.Comp Ray Beckingham, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal.