The Abbey Chapter Installation

Abbey Chapter held their Installation Convocation on Friday, 8th November 2013, when they were honoured by the presence of E Comp Clive Hennessy, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, accompanied by E Comp Terry Hayes, Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Pictured are E Comps Richard Snelgrove (H), Clive Hennessy, 3rdProvGP, Paul Giblin (Z), & Brian Saunders (J).

The Chapter Director of Ceremonies was taken ill on the day of the Convocation, which caused more than slight concern, especially as the Chapter do not have an ADC. All was saved, however, when the 3rd ProvGP pointed out that he was accompanied by a very proficient ProvAGDC, Terry Hayes. E Comp Terry immediately “volunteered” to stand in as the Chapter DC, despite not being familiar with Metropolitan working. He did an excellent job. (If you want a job as ADC Terry, you know where we are!) Apart from the Installation, part of the ceremony was to receive the Somerset Sceptre from Royal Sussex Chapter. Abbey Chapter held the Somerset Sceptre until 12th November, when they travelled to Midsomer Norton, to present it to Connaught Chapter.