E. Comp. Bob Moore, Roger Seaton Kevin Hill Peter Roworth and David Parslow

The December Convocation of Taunton Deane Chapter no 5221 was held on Tuesday 5th December.The Chapter was opened in due form and MEZ welcomed  all the Companions and in particular Excellent Companion David K. Parslow 3rd Provincial Grand Principal and Excellent Companion Bob Moore Past Grand Sword Bearer. E. Comp. Bob Moore was invited to present the Somerset Royal Arch Tracing Board. Numerous Companions assisted in the presentation which went very smoothly and was of great interest. The 3 Principals for the coming year were elected 1st Principal Elect E. Comp Roger B. Seaton, 2nd Principal Elect E. Comp. Peter G. Roworth and 3rd Principal Elect Harry H. Price. Festive greetings were given by E. Comp. Parslow on behalf of MEGS and in his own right. Greetings were given by the Companions of Taunton Deane Chapter and all the visiting Companions. The Companions retired for the Festive Board which was enjoyed by all. The Installation Meeting will be held on Friday 25th May 2018. The ME and their Excellencies wish all Companions a very Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year.