Friday 24th May was the date of Installation Convocation of Taunton Deane Chapter No 5221. The Principals opened the Chapter in due form and awaited the arrival of E. Comp. Raymond F Beckingham somewhat pensively. 

E. Comp. Ray Conneely announced that E. Comp. Ray was outside the door of the Chapter and demanded admission. He was admitted and welcomed by the MEZ E. Comp. Roger Seaton.       

E. Comp Roger proffered the sceptre to E. Comp Ray who took it, thought about retaining it  but returned it to theMEZ when realising that the ritual was not known to him thanking the MEZ for the courtesy shown to him.          

The Principals were installed into their respective Chairs and E. Comp. Ray gave the address helped by E Comp Conneely.  

The Chapter was closed and the Principals had their photographs taken with E. Comp. Ray Beckingham.

E. Comp. Harry Price H, E. Comp. Ray Beckingham, E. Comp/ Peter Roworth Z and E. Comp. Colin Martin J

The Companions retired to a supper of Egg Mayonnaise, Baked Ham, Parsley Sauce and Vegetables followed by Cheese and Biscuits.