St Luke’s Goblets presented

At the October 2017 meeting of St Luke’s Chapter No 6540 E Comp Roger Penny made an unusual presentation to the First Principal on behalf of the Chapter’s members. Following the passing to the Grand Chapter above of esteemed member E Comp David George it was decided, by the Past Zerubabels, that some way of honouring David’s memory should be instituted and Roger suggested that a set of wine goblets for use by the Principals might be a suitable memorial. This was agreed unanimously and Roger was tasked with sourcing the goblets. A supplier was found and each of the three goblets were engraved – one for each Z, H and J, with the inscription “In memory of E Comp David George PPrGSwdB” on each if them. The newly installed Z, E Comp Chris Fear insisted that Roger should make an official presentation as an agenda item at the Installation Meeting and following this the goblets were brought into use at the Festive Board. David George was a Masonic veteran of over fifty years and had served the Chapter loyally for many years and was the DC for much of this time.  I am sure the goblets will provide a permanent reminder of David every time they are used.

The Principals showing them using the goblets for the first time with E Comp Clive Lambert, 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, looking on