St Luke’s Chapter do a Double

This year, St Luke’s Chapter in Bath, have been conferred the honour of having the Especial Convocation –
celebrating two hundred and fifty years of autonomous Royal Arch Masonry in Somerset – held under their banner on March 18th. This means that we will be holding a very brief opening and closing and moving on to the celebratory meal which has been organised by our Provincial Third Principal, E Comp Ray Beckingham, at the Bath Hilton. The down side means that we will have to forego a meeting and unusually we have had two candidates to Exalt.

The obvious answer was to carry out a double Exaltation which took place on Wednesday February 18th. The candidates were independently invited into the Chapter to be questioned and Obligated and then joined forces with the Principal Sojourner for the remainder of the ceremony. This was the first time in the history of the Chapter that a double ceremony had taken place and the workings were carried out most precisely by our Principals, Z Malcolm Brown, H (and Malcolm’s Father in Law) David George and J Phil Mattingley, who was particularly fluent with his ritual. The two candidates, Tim Baker and Peter Swain clearly enjoyed the experience and we wish them many happy years as Royal Arch Masons.

In the picture we see, left to right E Comp David George, Comp Tim Baker, E Comp Malcolm Brown, Comp Peter Swain, E Comp Phil Mattingley and E Comp Ian Cox DC.