St George’s October Exaltation

On 31st October E Comp Peter Light, MEZ, was pleased to Exalt his Candidate Bro Matt Landy. After the Chapter was opened E Comp Rod Green was Invested with his collars, yes collars, as Almoner and Ass Scr E as he was absent at the Installation ceremony. Rod was also standing in as H.

A ballot was held for a Joining Member, Comp Michael Meatyard, which proved clear and he was welcomed in the Chapter.

Next item on the Agenda was to carry out the Exaltation of Matt Landy, a member of Vivary Lodge, which MEZ is also a member. The ceremony went very well especially as the Principal Sojourner was also standing in. There was no problem with this as E Comp Neil Trood was the man in the hot seat. All those that know Neil are well aware of his superb ritual, even more amazing as he is just shy of his 87th Birthday. Comp Matt was duly shown the Charter of the chapter and presented with the By-laws.

The Almoner gave a report on those Companions who were unwell, making a special report on E Comp Terry Wood who was recovering from another stroke. There being no other items on the Agenda the Chapter was closed in peace and harmony and the Companions adjourned upstairs for the Festive Board.

E Comp Adrian Halliwell
Provincial Liaison Officer