Special Presentation at 1966 Installation

Three Principals: E Comps Peter Chidzey, H, John Brown, Z, and Andrew Kerslake, J

On a rather dismal and wet September evening the Chapter gathered for its Installation where we were honoured by the presence of MEGS D John Bennett, accompanied by E Comps Chris Moore, PrDGC, Brian Buttle, PrGStdB, and John Trowbridge , PrGSteward. The Chapter was opened and MEGS was admitted and proffered the Sceptre, which he promptly returned. E Comp Keith Smith, Z and Almoner, read a Eulogy for E Comp Phil Coles who had passed to the Grand Chapter above recently.

There followed the usual Agenda Items and then the important Installation/Induction of the three Principals. E Comp Keith Smith Installed E Comp John Brown as Z, Inducted E Comp Peter Chidzey as H and also Inducted E comp Andrew Kerslake as J. E Comp John Brown then appointed his Officers with some nice comments to each. MEGS then explained that E Comp Adrian Halliwell though the Chapter’s Calderley Liaison Officer would not be presented with his collar jewel as he was Provincial Liaison Officer so passed it to E Comp Jim Nicol, Scribe E, for safe keeping to be presented at a future date to a new Liaison Officer. MEGS gave the Address to the Principals, E Comp Richard Gale to the Officers and E Comp Keith Kerslake to the Companions. E Comp Keith Smith was then presented with the IPZ’s Jewel and he thanked all those Officers and Companions who had assisted him during his year of office.

Presented with the Stewards Lapel Badge: E Comps Ron Troup, Richard Gale and John Bennett, MEGS

On the Second and Third Risings MEGS gave greetings from the Province and presented E Comps Ron Troup and Richard Gale with the new Prov Stewards lapel badge. Then to all those present’s surprise presented the Chapter with a Holy Royal Arch Tracing Board with an explanation of why he had had it produced and when it should be used, stating that if there was no Candidate then it may be considered to ask the visiting Provincial Ruler if he would be able to present the ritual for the Tracing Board. 1966 are the first Chapter to receive the Tracing Board and feel honoured.

Presentation of the Chapter Tracing Board: E Comps Peter Chidzey, John Bennett, John Brown and Andrew Kerslake

The Tracing Board should be placed picture side facing MEZ, probably against the pedestal, when the Chapter is opened and turned around on the closing. E Comp John Brown, MEZ thanked MEGS for this and awaited to see the ritual worked for it. E comp Adrian Halliwell then advised the Companions that the new Provincial Website was up and running and commended those with the ability to log in and have a look.

Following the fourth Rising the Chapter was closed and Companions were processed out to enjoy the delicious Festive Board and Fidelity and Sincerity’s hospitality.

Three wise men: E Comps Chris Moore, Chris Summers and John Bennett


E Comp Sydney French in full voice responding to the Visitors Toast
Comp Chris Waterhouse proposing the Visitors Toast with his usual Kiwi humour
E Comps John Rudge, Keith Smith, IPZ , and Comp John Moore
Laid Back: E Comps John Rudge, Keith Smith, IPZ , and Comp John Moore
E Comps Keith Colman and Sydney French sharing a joke