On the evening of the 20th February 2020 the ME Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, E.Comp. Barry Woodside, accompanied by his 2rd Provincial Grand Principal E.Comp. Ray Beckingham, the Past Provincial Grand Superintendent E.Comp. D John Bennett, plus Grand and Provincial Grand Officers, on the personal invitation of E.Comp. Arthur Rowe (dressed in a bright red waist coat) sojourned to Sidmouth, on the SOUTH COAST, not Mexico, but down Devonshire way.

The delegation from Somerset received an extremely warm welcome from the companions of PERSEVERANCE CHAPTER No164 on the occasion of their 99th Installation Convocation. An extended welcome was also received from the ME Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Devonshire, E.Comp. Simon Rowe who was also accompanied by his Provincial Officers. The past Grand Superintendent of Royal Berkshire, E.Comp. Benford now residing in Holsworthy, Devon, was also in attendance.

A most enjoyable and social festive board was well attended, where the wine, food and conversation flowed in splendid profusion. Old acquaintances were reunited and new friendships established. Thank you E.Comp. Arthur Rowe, now residing, South of the border down “Devonshire way” for a most appreciated and memorable invitation.

John. M. Griffin. PGStB.