Somerset Royal Arch Tracing Board presentation to Exmoor Chapter

The Royal Arch Somerset Tracing Board will be officially presented to Exmoor Chapter 2390 on  Wednesday 22nd March 2017. This is the date of the next convocation of the Exmoor Chapter. The Tracing board will be presented by M.E.G.S. D. John Bennett, with this difference…

The lecture at the last meeting, when there was no candidate, was the lecture pertaining to the Tracing board, which was led by P.D.G.S. Robert Moore and 18 members of Exmoor Lodge. So despite the tracing board being officially presented the accompanying lecture has already been received.

The chapter will therefore be exalting a candidate on this evening in addition to the presentation.

The last meeting of the current season for the incumbent First Principal will be on Wednesday May 24th 2017

Z Phil Hackney H Bob Moore J Phil Thresher
Z Phil Hackney
H Bob Moore
J Phil Thresher