Somerset 1st Principals have another interesting evening, September 2017

The Chapter once again returned to its home at Bridgwater for the Installation Meeting on Wednesday 6th September, but with a difference! The Chapter was opened at 6:00pm and E Comp Chris Moore, PrGDC, was admitted. He informed the MEZ, E Comp John Rudge, that the MEGS E Comp D John Bennett was without accompanied by a numerous retinue and he demanded admission. MEZ welcomed MEGS and then announced the 2nd item on the Agenda which was to receive from comps of the Metropolitan Grand Chapter a presentation entitled “The Royal Arch in Camera – Your Chapter in Focus”.

The presentation was given by E Comps Simon Walsh, Ian Clark and, the late arrival, Robert Anderson. They proceeded to enthral all present with this very enlightening playlet, explaining the signs, officers of the chapters and historical facts. This presentation is a follow on to “Talking Heads” and can be given in Chapters throughout the Province ids by Ray Beckingham and hi wayfarers.

E Comp Simon Walsh – Narrator
E Comp Robert Anderson explaining the Scribe N’s (Andy Gray standing) role

On Completion of the presentation E Comp Ian Curran, the director of the presentation team took questions and MEGS thanked the team for travelling down to Somerset then presented each member with a bottle of Sheppy’s Apple Brandy.

The Metropolitan Team with MEGS E Comps Simon Walsh, Ian Clark, MEGS, Ian Curran and Robert Anderson

The usual items were dealt with and Representatives of 1st Principals Chapters from Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Hereford and Worcestershire were welcomed followed by Principals of Somerset Chapters.

Next item a ballot for joining members which proved clear this was followed by the Induction of Principals: E Comp Andy Gray as J, E Comp Maldwyn Davies as H and E Comp ray Beckingham as Z. MEZ then invested his officers and the addresses to the Principals was given by MEGS, that to the Officers by E Comp Keith Fisher and that to the Companions in his indomitably flamboyant way by E Comp Matt Wesley.

E Comps Maldwyn Davies, H, Ray Beckingham, Z, and Andy Gray, J.

In the absence of the Almoner, E Comp Terry Wood, E Comp Mark Bajona gave the Almoner’s report and then followed the next item a Ballot to bestow Honorary Membership on E Comp Terry Wood, which proved clear.

The Chapter was then closed and the companions proceeded downstairs to the newly refurbished dining room, which was undertaken during the closed season.

Adrian Halliwell, standing in for the Chapter’s CLO E Comp Ben White, and apologies for the poor quality of the photos!