The Royal Arch Presentation Team: E Comps Andy Clapp, Ray Beckingham and Chris Fear

Royal Sussex Chapter No 53 holds its Convocation at Bath Masonic Hall and last year celebrated the 200th Anniversary of its consecrations. Life after such a momentous year will inevitably be a little flat but despite this the Chapter bravely organised a visit from the Royal Arch Presentation Team. This team is led by E Comp Ray Beckingham 2nd Provincial Grand Principal who acted as the narrator with E Comp Chris Fear performing the role of the Past Principal and E Comp Andy Clapp being the hapless newly Exalted Companion.

The Principals with E Comp Ray Beckingham and Acting DC E Comp Geoff Lester

After opening the Chapter E Comp Ray Beckingham 2nd Provincial Grand Principal accompanied by E Comp D John Bennett, Past Most Excellent Grand Superintendent with E comp Geoff Lester acting as Director of Ceremonies was welcomed into the Chapter by the Principals after which E Comp Ray Beckingham introduced the play-let, ‘The Royal Arch In Camera’. This proved to be an excellent presentation and was well received by the Companions present with the question and answer session afterwards proving to be a very instructive time for all present.

Despite issuing invitations to Companions from the two other Chapters meeting at Bath, Royal Cumberland and St Luke’s there were no visiting Companions from either Chapter. In fact there were only 12 Companions present in total and although small in number it was certainly a very enjoyable evening.

These presentations take a great deal of work to put together, not only for the team but also for the hosting Chapter. They should not be seen as simply filling convocation when the Chapter does not have a Candidate but as an instructive evening, something different and a very entertaining occasion.

Royal Sussex Chapter is one of the smallest Chapters within Somerset but it is one Chapter where you are guaranteed a warm welcome, so please if you have a free evening consider a visit to Royal Sussex. The best way to learn about anything is to involve yourself in it and by visiting Royal Sussex you will probably be invited to be part of the Chapter by being allocated one of the Offices for the evening.

The next Convocation is to be held on Monday 18th March 2019, so go on Email the Scribe Ezra, E Comp John Nicholson and book yourself in.

The Three Principals, E Comps Simon Lingard, H, Richard Ellis, MEZ, and Bernard Couzens, J.