RCRAC No.41 – Installation Meeting 2016

Once the Board of Installed Principals had been opened, the Companions admitted and the Chapter opened for business, E.Comp. D. John Bennett the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset was admitted, escorted by Officers of Supreme Grand Chapter and Officers of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset.

Delegation from the Royal Cyrus Chapter No.285 bearing the Somerset Sceptre which E.Comp. Grahame Baker their 1st Principal (center) presented

A delegation from the Royal Cyrus Chapter No.285 led by the first Principal E.Comp.Grahame Baker then presented the Somerset Sceptre, in a most splendid manner, and delivered it into the hands of the First Principal of The Royal Cumberland Chapter No.41 for safe keeping. Also, charging him on behalf of the Chapter to deliver the Sceptre to The Dungarvan Chapter No.973 on the 24th November this year on the next stage of its journey around the Province.

The 3 [new] Principals with E.Comp. D. John Bennett the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

The [new] Principals of the Chapter were then duly installed:

E.Comp. Richard T. Cooper was inducted as 1st Principal

E.Comp.Roger Karn was installed as 2nd Principal, and

E.Comp. Jeff Penfold was installed as 3rd Principal;

after which Officers of the Chapter were appointed and invested for the ensuing year.

The MEGS and the 3 Principals with E.Comp. Ken Ellis (Scribe E), Comp. Malcolm Toogood (Prin. Soj.), Comp. David Hogg (Scribe N) and Comp. Brian Hardesty (Sen. Soj.)

The address to the Principals was given by Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, the Address to the Officers by E.Comp. Ray Honey and the address to the Companions by E.Comp. Ken Ellis. 

E.Comp. D. John Bennett then presented E.Comp. Derek Tadman with a collarette and jewel as the Calderley Chapter Liaison Officer. This jewel is to be worn only at this Chapters meetings to signify that he is their representative for liaising with the Calderley Chapter of Union No.906 where matters requiring the Provinces attention can be formerly brought.

As the Calderley Chapter of Union had been named after his predecessor, and who was also a member of Royal Cumberland, E.Comp. D. John Bennett thought it appropriate that E.Comp. Denis Corderley should also have a similar Jewel, and presented him with one.