Royal Cumberland RAC No.41 – March 2018 Convocation

The Principals – E Comps J. Penfold (H), R. Karn (Z), D. Hogg (J) with Sarah Williams-Martin

At our regular Convocation in March this year, the Companions received a talk entitled “Dementia, building a Dementia Friendly Bath and North East Somerset”, given by Sarah Williams-Martin from the Bath and North East Somerset Dementia Action Alliance. This charity was selected as deserving of our support last year when E Comp R. T. Cooper was First Principal of the Chapter and who arranged this evenings visit and talk.

After being warmly welcomed by our present First Principal, E Comp R. Karn, our guest enlightened us on facts surrounding Dementia, the purpose of  the local Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), Building a dementia-friendly community and society, and the challenges that exist for the charity.

A number of interesting realities arose, including:

  • That Dementia is not part of the aging process, it is a disease.
  • It affects 1 in 14 people in the UK, mostly those over 60.
  • There are currently around 4500 people living with dementia in BANES, with an estimated 10000 family and friends acting as carers.

    Sarah Williams-Martin receiving a cheque from IPZ E Comp R. T. Cooper
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are only two of the hundred or so illnesses associated with Dementia
  • 28% of those living with dementia say they have to give up activities such as shopping, exercise and using transport and living in a dementia friendly environment would be a nicer place for everyone to live.
  • Work by this charity does not receive grants, is run by volunteers and relies solely on donations.

To find out more visit their web-site via the following link

In conclusion a cheque for £600 was presented to assist in their work, which equated to approximately 6% of their annual income.