Royal Cumberland RAC NO. 41 – February 2018 Convocation

The February 2018 Convocation took place in the presence of thirty-seven Companions, including the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset E. Comp. D. John Bennett, and the Deputy Grand Superintendent of Wiltshire E. Comp. Colin C.C.Cheshire, when our new member, Companion Tony Gay, was exalted into Royal Arch Masonry in a most inspiring ceremony led by E. Comp. Roger Karn (Z); both of whom had been long term friends and neighbours.

The Mystical Lecture was delivered splendidly by E. Comp. Alan Morsley and E. Comp. Darren Lobb, and  Comp. John Townsend must be especially congratulated on his talented performance as Principal Sojourner enthralling the convocation and keeping his charge captivated and at ease throughout.

It was also a pleasure to welcome six Companions from the Perpetual Friendship Chapter No. 135 bearing The Somerset Sceptre, in its journey around the Province.

E. Comp. John Knight splendidly presented and entrusted the Sceptre, an emblem of the companionship that exists within the Holy Royal Arch, into the  safe keeping of Royal Cumberland Chapter and charged them to deliver it to the St. Keyna Chapter No. 1833 on 8th March next.

A rewarding and happy evening concluded  in companionship, harmony and concord at the Festive Board.