Royal Cumberland RAC No.41 – April 2018 Convocation

Provincial Grand Principals with the Chapter Principals

Our well attended April meeting was an auspicious occasion when following the opening of the convocation, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, E. Comp. D. John Bennett, accompanied by the Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals, and a number of other Officers of the Province were admitted.

E. Comp. Frank Silver (centre) with the Principals of both Royal Cumberland and the Province

Having been warmly welcomed, the MEGS assumed the chair of Z to conduct the main business of the evening, to dedicate the Chapters new Sceptres, which was carried out magnificently to a ceremonial never before seen, and which left a lasting impression in the minds of many companions present. The Sceptres were made and donated by E. Comp. Frank Silver.

Comp. Bob Cole receiving his “lifetime” achievement certificate from the MEGS

He was also able to take the opportunity to present a “lifetime” achievement certificate to Companion Bob Cole to commemorate his 50-years as a Royal Arch Mason.

MEGS D. John Bennett receiving commemorative glassware from E. Comp. Roger Karn (Z)

The MEZ of Royal Cumberland Chapter E.Comp Roger Karn graciously thanked the MEGS for the magnificent manner in which he had conducted the ceremonial, and presented to him, on this his final official visit to the Chapter, a piece of commemorative glassware, not only for him to reflect on his evening with the members of Royal Cumberland but also for the unstinting contribution he has made to Royal Arch Chapters in Somerset during his time as Grand Superintendent for the Province of Somerset.

Comp. Tony Gay receiving his Royal Arch Chapter Certificate from E. Comp. Chris Moore Prov.G.DC

E. Comp. Chris Moore, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, concluded an impressive meeting by explaining and presenting the Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate to Companion Tony Gay, our newest member.

The Chapter being closed, the Companions retired to a festive board where the atmosphere was full of brotherly love, harmony, and concord, concluding with the appropriate toasts.