RCRAC No.41 and the Somerset Provincial Founding Chapters Fraternal Meeting – 2016

The Founding Chapters of the Province of Somerset met at the Inkerman Chapter No.1222 in Weston-super-Mare on 25th  April, however only 7 of the 8 were present:

  • P1020948
    Representatives of the Somerset Founding Chapters with Banners presented to them by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent at the commemorative meeting in 2015

    Royal Cumberland No.41, formed 1782 and meet in Bath,

  • Vale of Jehoshaphat Chapter No.291, formed 1793 and meet in Burnham,

  • Royal Sussex No.53, formed 1818 and meet in Bath,

  • Chapter of Brotherly Love No.329, formed 1822 and meet in Yeovil,

  • Royal Cyrus Chapter No.285, formed 1849 and meet in Bruton,

  • Inkerman Chapter No1222, formed 1869 and meet in Weston-super-Mare,

  • Avalon Chapter No.446, formed, 1876 and meet in Wells.

The absentee was the Chapter of Sincerity No.261, formed 1818 and who meet in Taunton; 

Following the arrival of a delegation from Marine Chapter bearing the Somerset Sceptre, the convocation was treated to a splendid lecture titled “Who Are You?” The lecture focused upon 26 characters who hold office in our Chapters and/or are mentioned in the Royal Arch Ritual, and was adeptly presented by the representative members from each of the Chapters present. The lecture was extremely interesting and informative, and would be a very worthy Lecture for presentation in our Chapter on some future occasion.

E.Comp. Roger Karn (J)
E.Comp. Roger Karn (J)


E.Comp. Roger Karn and myself represented Royal Cumberland Chapter, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It is hoped similar Fraternal meetings may become an annual occurrence held at the venue of a different Founding Chapter each year.