Provincial Team visit Eldon Chapter Nov 2013

On the 7th November the Provincial Team congregated in Clevedon. The Province was making a visit to Eldon Chapter as part of their work for the current season. Unfortunately, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal was unable to attend as he was indisposed following a recent operation. Accordingly the Deputy Grand Superintendent stepped in to cover the role he had filled so well over several previous years.

Left to right are E Comps Geoff Lester (H), Bob Moore (DGSupt), Martyn Appleton (MEZ), Clive Hennessy (3rdPrGPrin), John Bennett (MEGSupt) and Mike Wilson (J).

At the anointed hour the Chapter Principals opened the Chapter and completed the initial business. The Provincial DC was then received into the Chapter and formally announced the presence of the Grand Superintendent and his team (who had been rehearsing the “shush chorus” outside). The Team then processed in and E Comp John Bennett was eagerly greeted before accepting the proffered Sceptre. His team then took post around the Temple before the Grand Superintendent set the scene for the following proceedings. The first item was to perform the Exaltation of Bro Steven Carpenter. The team soon settled into gear and smoothly took the Candidate through the ceremonial. The Symbolical Lecture was led by E Comp Bob Moore with eight other team members responding. The Mystical Lecture was presented in three parts by E Comps Geoff Seaman, Neil Hawes and Arthur Rowe.