Provincial Team visit Brotherly Love

The Provincial Team joined together to perform an Exaltation for the Chapter of Brotherly Love in Yeovil. Unusually the Team were in the Chapter for the opening as 329 have a unique way of opening their convocation. E Comp Derek Marpole opened the Chapter and then greeted MEGS, E Comp Barry Woodside, proffered him the Sceptre which was returned for a short while. The other agenda items were covered and a ballot was taken for Bro Daniel Burnell, a member of the Lodge of Science No 437, as a candidate for Exaltation.

E Comps Norman Crang, MEGS and Ken Crang

The ballot proved clear, thank goodness and the Provincial DC, E Comp Chris Moore, then presented MEGS to MEZ who then took the Sceptre. His next duty was to call for PrDC to present to him E Comps Norman and Ken Crang. The shocked Companions were then presented with the MEGS Award for their exemplary commitment to not only 329 but also the Province of Somerset, giving a brief history of their life in HRA.

The Provincial Rulers taking the high chairs; E Comps Ray Beckingham, Clive Lambert and Neil Hurcum

E Comp Clive Lambert then took over Z’s office, E Comp Ray Beckingham as H and E Comp Neil Hurcum as J. The other Provincial Officers took their respective seats and E Comp Clive announced the next item on the Agenda to Exalt Bro David Burnell.

E Comps Doug Stembridge, Pr 1st Ass Soj, Darryl Hinder, Pr Prin Soj, Daniel and Alan Perks

The Prov Prin Soj,  E Comp Darryl Hinder, then retired to entrust Daniel and returned having done so. E Comp Andy Clapp, acting Prov Janitor, then announced to E Comp Tony Guthrie, Prov Scribe N, that Bro David was prepared and E Comp Alan Perks, Prov 2nd Ass Soj, brought David in.  The Ceremony then proceeded with Prov 2nd Principal leading the first part. After the candidate took his Obligation he retired and was reintroduced with E Comp Darryl taking the lead. On the next entry E Comp Doug Stembridge, 1st Ass Soj, took over from Darryl.

E Comp Neil Hurcum gave the Signs followed by the Mystical Lecture which was presented by E Comps Roger Reina, Tony Cooper and Adrian Halliwell.

E Comps Ray Beckingham, 2nd Pr Prin, Clive Lambert, DGS, Barry Woodside, MEGS, Comp Daniel Burnell and Neil Hurcum, 3rd Pr Prin

Comp Daniel was then presented with the MEGS’s special Cuff Links which he gives only to those Companions who are Exalted by the Provincial Team. On the completion of which the Officers of 329 were returned to their rightful places with thanks given by MEZ to the Provincial Team on an excellent Ceremony and MEGS to allow the Team to undertake the Ceremony.

On the 2nd and 3rd Rising MEGS asked that as many members of 329 to attend the Annul Convocation to support their members be appointed/promoted to Provincial Rank. The Provincial Team assembled under the direction of PrDC and retired from the Chapter.

The Chapter was then closed in peace and harmony and all proceeded downstairs for the Festive Board.