Provincial Team at Bridgwater

On the 1st February the Provincial Team visited Perpetual Friendship Chapter at Bridgwater where they exalted Companion Paul Moate.

Here we see the E Comps Barry Woodside 2ndPrGP, Richard Teague H, Bob Moore DGS, Mark Bajona MEZ, John Bennett MEGS, John Knight J and Chris Moore 3rdPrGP

There were 55 who attended and 50 sat down to dine on Mushroom soup, Pork with apple stuffing and seasonal vegetables, Bread and butter pudding or treacle pudding with custard finishing with Biscuits and cheese.

In this picture are the Provincial Team Sojourners along with the Exaltee.

While Scotland and the North of England were being hammered by gales, look what was blown into Bridgwater’s Masonic Temple. E Comp D John Bennett, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Somerset, together with 22 members of the Provincial Team. It was certainly an eventful occasion with much mutual enjoyment both in the Temple and afterwards at the festive board (as is evinced by these final pictures) where the usual toasts and traditions were observed. One of the youngest Companions, Comp Octavian Hale, proposed the toast to the visitors while E Comp Roger Hutchins of the Devon and Somerset Farmers Chapter responded on behalf of them all.