Provincial Officer’s Visits and Changes of Procedure from September 2017

    When a Chapter is honoured with a visit from the Grand Superintendent, the Deputy Grand Superintendent or the 2nd or 3rd Provincial Grand Principal for an Installation Convocation they present the Address to the Principals, but when they visit a Chapter for a Regular Convocation they take no part in the Ceremony at all.
    It is the wish of the Grand Superintendent, supported by the Provincial Executive, that in future at an Exaltation they will present the Closing or Congratulatory Address, i.e. “We congratulate you on being exalted …”

    There has been some concern at Supreme Grand Chapter regarding the length of Ceremonies particularly where the Mystical, Symbolical and Historical Lectures are all presented in one evening following an Exaltation. It is felt that this is also deterring Brethren from either becoming Members or from Companions obtaining full enjoyment from an Exaltation. It has therefore been suggested by Supreme Grand Chapter that in future when an Exaltation has taken place only the Mystical Lecture should be presented.     The Symbolical and Historical Lectures should be left to a Convocation when no Candidate is available.
   It would be appreciated by the Grand Superintendent and the Executive that Chapters do not present either the Symbolical or Historical Lectures following an Exaltation but to keep these for an evening when you have no Candidate. Please note that these changes will commence from the start of the new Masonic Season on 1st September 2017.