Provincial donation for helping Amaya to attend Baytree Special School

The Prov Scribe E, E Comp Tony Beaumont, had forwarded a request to E Comp Andy Clapp, PrChStew, from Gail Alder from North Somerset CC, 2 months ago, regarding Amaya’s situation and the need for funds so she can get to pre-school this September in Baytree Special School in Milton, Weston-super-Mare.

Here are the details Gail sent over from NSCC .

Amaya was born 1 day early by emergency c-section, and she spent 2 months in the intensive care unit getting the help she needed. At 15 days old Amaya had a MRI scan, and it was seen that she had brain damage to the basil ganglia which causes bulbar palsy. Due to this, Amaya needs to be tube fed and requires frequent and deep suction to keep her airways clear.

Andy, John, Steph with Amaya and Terry

Amaya is now 3 years old and needs 24/7 care. In order to get her to nursery we needed transport that couldn’t be funded by the government through the local authority. We therefore worked hard with the early years team to apply for charitable donations to enable Amaya to access a suitable nursery placement at Baytee Special school in Weston. The Masons were one of two organisations who responded kindly to our request for financial support.

On Wednesday 22nd August 2018 MEGS John Bennett, E Comp Terry Hayes (PrTreas) and E Comp Andy Clapp (PrChStew) presented a cheque for £500 from the Provincial Chapter Benevolent Fund to Amaya’s mother, Steph, with Gail Alder from NSCC also present.

Thank you card from Amaya, and Steph

Amaya’s mum Steph and Amaya’s family would like to say a huge thank you to the Masons for their generous donation. This will help pay for taxis to and from Baytree for Amaya to attend nursery! We are so grateful for the donation and cannot express how happy and grateful we are with it.

We are so  looking forward to seeing Amaya being given the opportunity to make new friends and continuing to be the happy smiley girl that she is.