The Royal Arch Province of Somerset as we now know it was founded in 1876 although Royal Arch Masonry has been practised continually in Somerset since 1765.

The founding of the Province was the initiative of 9 Chapters:

  • Royal Cumberland Chapter No. 41,
  • Royal Sussex Chapter No. 53,
  • Tynte Chapter No. 528,
  • Sincerity Chapter No. 261,
  • Royal Cyrus Chapter No. 285,
  • Vale of Jehoshaphat Chapter No. 291,
  • Chapter of Brotherly Love No 329,
  • Avalon Chapter No. 446,
  • Inkerman Chapter No. 1222.
  • Of these, all but Tynte Chapter are still operating.

There are now 28 Chapters in the Province with a total membership of over 1200 companions.

More Chapter details and news are available from “Chapters” Menu and location of the Chapter “Venues“.

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