Pre-Covid Convocation

The regular convocation of the chapter took place on Wednesday 11th when the chapter was honoured by the presence of the deputy Grand Superintendent Clive Lambert accompanied by his DC Ex. Comp Chris Moore.

It’s always disconcerting when you arrive and find Karen the caterer standing outside the kitchen looking fraught.

On enquiring she explained she was waiting for Chris Partridge the chapter Z who oversees much of the halls’ needs. Chris was in fact never going to arrive as he was with the craft provincial team in London.

Karen quickly explained that the kitchen was flooded and indeed it was up to the top step.

Some quick phone calls were made and the water levels reduced Karen manged to serve up her usual quality fayre at the festive board much to the grateful thanks of all who had attended.

The meeting itself was the usual march business meeting with the election of the new principals who will be installed at some point!) followed by a very informative talk by Ex. Comp Ray Beckingham entitled ‘just where is it that we meet’ who had been allowed out on his 53rd Wedding anniversary to present this. 

The DGS then presented his Grand chapter certificate to Companion Tom Lomas currently our newest member.

There followed a proposition for a candidate or exaltation which will give the new Principals their first ceremony!

As always a very enjoyable evening was had by all made possible due to the support of our provincial officers who took the time to join us.