Patrick Haxell

Provincial Scribe Ezra

Patrick was born in Suffolk and studied BSc Chemistry & PhD Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London, 1965-72. Susan (a mathematician) and was married in 1970 and they had two boys, Thomas and Daniel (dec. 2006).

After Imperial, he was offered a Post Doc position in the Metallurgy Dept, Sheffield University in 1972 to build high powered lasers to create metallic aerosols.

In 1975 Susan and Patrick moved to Somerset where he enjoyed a 36 year industrial career with an international company that researches, develops and supplies inks and toners for non-contact printing processes such as photocopiers, laser and ink jet printers.

He joined Masonry “accidentally” when he inadvertently used a masonic phrase to an acquaintance who “challenged” me. Having no idea what he was talking about and he apologised for assuming that Patrick was already a Freemason. When Patrick expressed an interest, he said he could do no better than talk to his near neighbour, Rt.W.Bro. Kenneth C Kinnersley, then Somerset PGM. Patrick was kindly sponsored by R W Bro Ken, seconded by W Bro Mike Kinnersley and initiated in Kenneth Kinnersley Lodge in Sept 1994, became Master 2003 and Secretary 2006-13.

He was exalted into St Keyna Chapter, Keynsham in 1997, and MEZ in 2007 and became a joining member of Connaught Chapter and Scribe E in Nov 2014. Outside of masonry he joined the Territorial Army in 1968 and continued TA service till 2006 retiring as a Major. The TA was a wonderful second career.

Patrick has a life-long interest in gliding and is often soaring over the Mendip Hills in a sailplane from an airfield near Cheddar. Susan and Patrick enjoy travelling to North Carolina, USA where their son Thomas, daughter-in-law and granddaughter live.