New Provincial Stewards’ Badges

stewardbadgeSince 2008 the Provincial Grand Stewards appointed in the Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset have on their appointment been presented with a Lapel Pin. It is hoped that this Lapel Pin would be a permanent reminder to all Companions that the wearer had held the very important office of Provincial Grand Steward. Several Senior Officers within Provincial Grand Chapter wear their Stewards Lapel Pin with pride.

The supply of Lapel Pins that we had have now all been used up and due to the fact that they were of a Triangular Shade the enamel on some have cracked. It was therefore decided to re-design these Lapel Pins and by using a circular shape it gives them more strength. Attached is the new design and all of those Lapel Pins that have been previously presented to Provincial Grand Stewards will be replaced during the next few months’.