New Provincial Grand Principles Named and Grand Chapter Collar Appointments

At the Calderley Chapter of Union meeting at Midsomer Norton on 4th March the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp D John Bennett, announced the new Provincial Grand Principals for the 2017/18 Season:

Deputy Grand Superintendent:    E Comp Alan Holton, PGStdB
2nd Provincial Grand Principal:    E Comp Clive Lambert
3rd Provincial Grand Principal:     E Comp David Parslow

MEGS congratulated the three E Comps on their appointments, especially Alan Holton welcoming him back into the fold, and looks forward to working with them in the ensuing year. He also thanked the out-going Principals for their sterling work.

The Three Provincial Grand Principals Elect in front of the three Principals of Calderley Chapter

MEGS also advised of those companions being promoted or first appointments into Supreme Grand Chapter Offices and Grand Lodge Offices:

Chapter Promotions:
E Comp Barry Woodside to PGSwdB
E Comp Richard Ellis to PAGSoj

First Appointments:
E Comp Maldwyn Davies as PGStdB
E Comp Chris Moore as PGStdB

Craft Promotions:
W Bro Ben Batley to PSGD
W Bro Ray Baines to PJGD

First Appointments:
W Bro David Leaky as PAssGDC
W Bro Ian Walker as PAssGDC