Letter from MEGS and PGM re Covid-19, May 2020

Provincial Grand Chapter of Somerset


                                                            4th April 2020.


Two months ago, daily life was continuing as normal, we never realised that we were all just about to embark on one of the biggest human challenges we all have ever faced.

Not the threat of an enemy of indiscriminate bombing from above, or the desperate shortage of basic provisions, but the threat of a silent, and indiscriminate killer, and the desperation of isolation, and loneliness it has created. Yet again we are not going to give up without a fight, but with the mutual support of each other, and the benefit of modern technology, we will overcome this devastating period in our history.

We are both tremendously proud of the way our Brethren have stood together in support not only for each other, but also within our communities. The provision of material support we have provided is measurable, but the amount of moral support we have shared is incalculable. All given within our Masonic tradition without any desire for recognition or reward. May all this continue way beyond the passing of this epidemic, and we will look back and remember the individual acts of kindness that emerged out of these dark days.

Our love and thoughts must be with those who have lost family, and friends through whatever cause and have been unable to mourn their passing in the traditional way. It makes it a much greater loss when we cannot share your grief with family, and friends.

Better days will come, and we will share our experiences, and know the pain and joy of these times. As we gradually return to a changed way of life, let us all be stronger, and wiser to become a more caring, and tolerant society that we all seek.

We wish you, and your family every good wish at this time, and remember :- STAY HOME, STAY SAFE!
David Barry

David J Medlock DL                                                                              Barry K Woodside Provincial Grand Master                           Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Provincial Grand Lodge,                              Somerset Holy Royal Arch, Somerset
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