Learning & Development

The Learning & Development team can help in many ways to assist you in learning more about the Royal Arch, other than by just simply learning the ritual.

For Companions by holding monthly talks on zoom and imparting learning from Solomon.

For Chapters by making presentations on a wide range of Royal Arch related topics, and use of the “Royal Arch In Camera – your Chapter in focus” demonstration.

For HRA Reps & Lodges by introducing the Talking Heads playlet for Master Masons.

The animated guide show how easy it is to access Solomon and the wide range of resources on offer for you.

For further assistance and to contact the L&D Team email :-

E Comp Ray Beckingham – atthebayray@gmail.com

A word of caution: Material on Solomon is separated into modules for each degree and the Royal Arch. We ask users not to explore prematurely beyond the degrees that they have had already conferred so as not to spoil the revelations of their personal journey; to do so would be a shame. (UGLE)

Phonetic Pronunciation Guide

A number of Companions have difficulty in pronouncing some of the words we use in the ceremony. Please see the Phonetic list, this will help you.

The Grand Originals, a NUGGET from Solomon

Why do we commemorate those Grand Originals and drink a toast seated? Summary: A commemoration of the Grand Originals and the way in which they link the past with the present and ‘shape our future’.

To view the Solomon NUGGET click Here


Designed specifically for use by Lodge Secretaries/Chapter ScribeEs (Sec/SE), Hermes is a new web-base application that will allow you to manage many of your administrative processes electronically and reduce the number of physical forms to be completed. Once logged in to Hermes, you will be able to see all of the data pertaining to your Lodge/Chapter. If you are the Sec/SE for another unit, you will be provided a separate login.
The data managed in Hermes will be held in the Adelphi database and also shown in the Adelphi web application, which is used by Metropolitan, Provinces Districts and UGLE/SGC. The diagram below illustrates how Hermes and Adelphi will share a database, but are maintained by different users. The database is located at UGLE’s data centre at Great Queen Street.

For the full document click Here

Sharing of the Word

Sharing the Sacred and Mysterious name by the three Principals of a Chapter, we should now like to explain the significance of sharing the Sacred Name:

For the full document click Here

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