King Alfred’s first Candidate of 2016

The March meeting of King Alfred Chapter had to be brought forward owing to its normal meeting day coinciding with Easter Monday. This meant that several officers were unable to attend due to other commitments which, coupled with others suffering illness, meant that plans for the gathering suffered a series of incremental revisions. The final one of these having to be made once the meeting had actually started. However, those members in attendance rallied round to ensure the main item of the evening, the Exaltation of Bro Garry Davies, was to be of excellent quality.

Here we see E Comps Jeremy Thomas H, Alan Thompson PGStB on a social visit, Sandy Glen PZ and acting MEZ and Arthur Rowe PAGDC and acting J.




As the Chapter was opened it was realised that the ADC had still not arrived.  It was assumed that he had not returned from a trip he had had to make that morning into the wilderness of our country, to that area known as “North of Watford”.  The early business was speedily disposed of and with the ballot for the evening’s candidate proving clear the main item of business was addressed.  E Comp Simon Sparkes, Scribe E, had moved down to the Sojourners chairs and he and E Comp Malcolm Beard both, PPrGSojs, shepherded Bro Garry Davies through the ceremony of his Exaltation.


Left to right we see E Comp Malcolm Beard, Comp Garry Davies, E Comp Simon Sparkes and Comp Nick Hillman another recent Exaltee being drummed into service.
In the latter part of the ceremony the Explanation of the signs was given by E Comp Tom Gould PPrGScN who was visiting from Inkerman Chapter, King Alfred’s mother Chapter.  The Symbolical Lecture was given in catechetical form with E Comp Thomas leading and Comps Doug Walmsley, Lindsey Edmunds and Nick Hillman with E Comp Simon Sparkes making the responses.  The Mystical lecture was presented by E Comps Ian White PPrGSwdB, the Chapter DC, and Arthur Rowe.  The new Companion, Garry Davies, then sat back to see the rest of the evening’s business put to bed and reflect on the ceremony he had just participated in.

Distinguished visitors from Inkerman Chapter

The evening’s sparse number of members had been bolstered by a slew of visitors from Inkerman Chapter who are shown here with E Comp Tom Gould at their centre.
Retiring from the Temple the visitors had the bar pretty much to themselves while the Chapter Companions were busy restoring the Temple to Lodge format.  Soon all was completed and the assembled company gathered at table to receive the evening’s Principals and the Exaltee.  With the prime aim of the evening fully completed, ensuring the candidate’s exaltation was memorable, there was a very relaxed mood at table.