King Alfred May Exaltation

On Sunday 12 May the officers met for a rehearsal for the Exaltation the following night, however despite the meticulous planning from Z Sandy Glen, on that evening he unfortunately found himself too ill to be able to attend the following night. After a phone call, the existing H, Simon Sparkes readily agreed to stand in as Z, and Arthur Rowe assumed the position of H for the meeting.

The main business of the evening was a special exaltation, that of Nathan Henderson, son of Colin Henderson who is the guest organist. Stuart Boyd stood in as Principal Sojourner.

Our exaltee is seen below with his father Colin, and the 3 Principals.

The ceremony also had excellent renditions of the Mystical Lecture from E. Comps Ian White, Arthur Rowe and Terry Clark, and also the Symbolical Lecture from E. Comp Malcolm Beard and Comps Colin Henderson, Doug Walmsley and Justin Pursey. An explanation of the signs was given by Comp Danny Kennedy.

We look forward to our next convocation on 10 June, a double exaltation.