Installation at Fidelity and Sincerity No 1966, Monday 21st September 2015

2015-16 Principals
Three Principals in the Temple -E Comps John Brown, H, Keith Smith, Z, Peter Chidzey, J

A very pleasant evening was had at the Masonic Hall in Wellington when E Comp Chris Moore, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal attended for his first Installation in that office, attended by E Comp John Sillett, PrDGDC. Later at the festive board Chris was happy to say that he was no longer a ‘virgin’, much to the amusement of the companions, and had actually asked to attend this convocation!

The Installation of the three Principals went ahead with E Comp Keith Smith taking the office of Z, E Comp John Brown as H and E Comp Peter Chidzey as J, who being a PZ was inducted into that chair. The DC, E Comp Adrian Halliwell, was thrilled that there was now only one Keith in the Principals chairs! E Comp Keith Smith then invested his officers with suitable words to each, however, there were no takers for the 1st Assistant Sojourner or Organist.

After the Installation ME Comp Bob Moore, Deputy Grand Superintendent, as Z lead the delegation of a goodly number of Comps from Somerset First Principals Chapter in delivering the Somerset Sceptre for its onward transmission to the Devon and Somerset Farmers Chapter at Uffculme on 30th of the month, and hoped that 1966 would have a goodly number of companions to escort it there.

A vote was taken on whether the Chapter would support the Grand Superintendent’s wishes to no longer wear gloves which was approved at a 3:1 majority.This was also the first appearance of the new battery operated candles, donated by E Comp Adrian Halliwell, which proved a success as without them there would have been a few singed robes.

The festive board was again the usual fine meal supplied by the caterers, Peter and Emily, with Prawn Cocktail, Roast Pork with the usual veggies and Summer Berry Pavlova. E Comp Walter Cole proposed the toast to the three Principals with his usual wit. E comp Keith Colman gave the toast to the Installing Principals which E Comp Keith Kerslake responded. The Principal Sojourner, Comp Jason Vincent proposed the toast to the visitors, to which E Comp Tony Lovell responded.

Three Principals relaxing, E Comps John Brown, H, Keith Smith, Z, Peter Chidzey, J



The incorrigibles, E Comps Chris Summers, Walter Cole and Chris Moore, 3rd Prov Principal


Comps Duncan Sully-Dunbar and Chris Waterhouse get into practising for the Haka – Chris is a Kiwi and mad keen on rugby though Duncan seems to have got the hang of it – watched over by E Comps Tony Beaumont, John Sillett, Ian Barrie (head in diary) and down the right side, Martin Slocombe, Basil Tokelove and Comp Ken Trump.