Installation at Fidelity and Sincerity No 1966, Monday 15th September 2014

A great evening was had by all with E Comp Bob Moore, Deputy Grand Superintendent, officiating. E Comp Bob was assisted by E Comp Kieran Hughes, Prov ADC and E Comp Chris Webb, Prov StdB. He was processed in and welcomed by E Comp Keith Colman, Z, and offered the Sceptre which he handed back very quickly!

All Together 2
L to R are: E Comp Chris Webb, E Comp Keith Smith, E Comp Bob Moore, E Comp Keith Kerslake, E Comp Kieran Hughes and E Comp John Brown

The Installation of the three Principals went ahead with E Comp Keith Kerslake as Z, E Comp Keith Smith as H and Comp John Brown as J. At last there are only two Keiths to sort out for the DC! E Comp Keith K then invested his officers with suitable words to each, especially that to his brother E Comp Andrew Kerslake, as Principal Sojourner.


Arthur and Bob 2
Comp Arthur Morris receiving his Certificate from E Comp Bob Moore DGS

E Comp Bob Moore then presented Comp Arthur Morris, our oldest Exaltee, see Edition 1 of Triple Taulk, with his Grand Chapter Certificate. As you can see from the picture Arthur has got instant promotion to 2nd Ass Sojourner.

At the festive board all were well fed with smoked mackerel, roast beef and blackberry and apple pie. Here we celebrated with our “grand original”, E Comp Walter Cole, bearing a bruise from skydiving from his arm chair, pictured with E Comp Bob Moore and E Comp Kieran Hughes, Prov ADC.

3 Sojourners
The three Sojourners, Comp Jason Vincent, E Comp Andrew Kerslake and Comp Arthur Morris.