Installation at Chapter of St George 3158, May 2019

The Chapter was pleased to welcome the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Ray Beckingham, accompanied by E Comp John Pinder, PrAssDC, and the MEZ, E Comp Simon Cassling proffered him the Sceptre hoping Ray would take over the ceremony. The Sceptre was returned with thanks but Ray hadn’t brushed up his Installation ritual. The MEZ then ran through the Agenda items until he got to the main item to Install the three Principals: E Comp Peter Light was Installed into the Chair of Zerubbabel; E Comp Kenneth Clarke as Haggai and Comp Michael Day as Jeshua.

The three Principals: E Comps Mike Clarke, H, Peter Light, Z, and Mike Day, J
E Comp Ray Beckingham, Prov 2nd G Principal

The MEZ then appointed his officers and the addresses to the Principals, Officers and Companions was then given by E Comp Ray Beckingham, E Comp Neil Trood and E Comp David Bates respectively. Following this the IPZ, E Comp Simon Cassling was presented with a Past Z perpetual jewel which he thanked the companions of the Chapter of St George for.

The final items on the Agenda were completed and the Companions retired for the Festive Board. E Comp Peter produced some of his finest Merlot for his guests and White Port for all. The Toast to the Province was given E Comp David Palmer, Scribe E, which was ably replied to BY E Comp Ray Beckingham, That to the new Principals by E Comp Simon Johnson, ADC, and all three of the Principals replied. The Toast to the Installing Principals was given by E Comp John Rudge, DC, to which E Comp Simon Cassling, IPZ, responded. The toast to the Visitors was given by Comp Kevin Perry and responded to by E Comp Adrian Halliwell.