Installation at 135

What an enjoyable evening we had in Bridgwater. The ceremony was somewhat simplified due to many officers remaining at post to allow the newer Companions to catch up.

Comp Kevin Beavan, with his Centenary Jewel, and Comp Gary Thomas, with his Certificate, with the Three Principals, Barrie Crow, Z, Chris Court, H, and Garry Boon, J, and E Comp Ray Beckingham

The caterers did a splendid job and there were two candidates voted in for Exaltation plus a joining member, Comp Kevin Beavan, who not only received a very warm welcome but received one of the few rare remaining Centenary Royal Arch Chapter jewels to wear in perpetuity. Companion Gary Thomas was presented with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate by E.Comp. Ray Beckingham, Second Provincial Grand Principal.

Although there were a number of apologies the Installation Convocation turned out to be a great success.

E.Comp. John M Griffin, PGStBr, PrGJan, P3rdPGPr
Scribe Ezra.