First Meeting after Installation at Vale of Jehoshaphat, February 2018

Following their being installed into the Principals Chairs the three Principals held their first Exaltation Ceremony at the Vale of Jehoshaphat Chapter, and was accompanied by E Comp Alan Holton, Deputy Grand Superintendent, and his DC E Comp Adrian Halliwell.

The Three Principals –  E Comps Chris Perry ‘Z’, Ted Toon ‘H’, Graham Puddy ’J’, with Comp Alan Chambers

Due to sickness of several officers or their family, late changes had to be made, E Comp Julian Frost stepping in as Principal Sojourner, E Comp Matt Jarvis deserting the IPZ post and becoming 1st Assistant Sojourner, E Comp Fred Body became IPZ and E Comp John Kidd stepped up to Director of Ceremonies.  Despite all the changes the Exaltee, Bro Alan Chambers, was treated to a very good ceremony.

Comp Tommy Boll with E Comp Alan Holton, DGS

Comp Tommy Boll was presented with his Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate by E Comp Alan Holton.

At the festive board the call was made to one of the “ancients”, E Comp Trevor Cooper, who acted as Director of Ceremonies and ensured that proceedings continued in a friendly and congenial way.  Birthday greetings were sung to E Comp Bob Smith who celebrated his 76th birthday on that day.