Fidelity and Sincerity Installation 2018

The Chapter met on a rather warm September meeting at Wellington. The Chapter was opened and E Comp Chris Moore, PrGDC, was admitted. He announced that MEGS, John Bennett, was outside the door accompanied by a Grand Officer and Members of the Provincial Team. He was admitted and proffered the Sceptre by E Comp Peter Chidzey, MEZ, which was instantly returned.

The proceedings continued with a ballot for an Exaltee which proved clear, and he will be exalted in November. The Accounts were adopted with thanks to the Treasurer, E Comp Keith Smith, and the Auditors.

A Grand Chapter Certificate was then presented to Comp Matt Layzell by MEGS who was at Matt’s Exaltation.

Comp Matt Layzell receiving his Grand Chapter Certificate from MEGS

The main event was the Installation of the three Principals followed by the appointment of the officers, which went fairly smoothly.

The Principals for 2018/19, from l-r: E Comps Jason Vincent, H, Andrew Kerslake, Z, John Bennett, MEGS, and E Comp Paul Spoors, J.
Couldn’t resist this – E Comp Chris Summers with MEGS

Once the Installation was complete and photographs take the Companions adjourned to the dining room for the first meal delivered from our new caterer, which was excellent.

The Three Principals
MEGS responding to his toast

During the speeches MEGS was presented with a bottle of Wicked Wolf Gin made on Exmoor and with some tonic to help it down. Being John’s last visit to F & S as MEGS he responded to his toast warning that he would be back as an Honorary Member of the Chapter.