Fidelity and Sincerity February 2017 Meeting

E Comps Peter Chidzey, H, Barry Woodside, Deputy GS, John Brown, Z, and Andrew Kerslake, J

At the regular February Convocation the Chapter was honoured with the attendance of E Comp Barry K Woodside, Deputy Grand Superintendent, accompanied by E Comp Chris Moore, PGDC. The meeting was a demonstration or the Exaltation Ceremony in preparation for the next meeting’s “live” Ceremony. Unfortunately our Principal Sojourner was called away to a family crisis and E Comp Mike Condick volunteered to stand in and read the part. The Almoner being absent the DC, E Comp Adrian Halliwell, gave a report which highlighted those Comps who were unwell, especially E Comp Keith Colman (recovering from heart problems and a broken wrist), Comp Arthur Miller (viral infection) and E Comp Walter Cole (who was in hospital with bad back and foot as well as a chest infection).

Comp Peter Lee acted as candidate and all went reasonably smoothly so bodes well for the April meeting. At the 2nd and 3rd Risings E Comp Barry announced those companions who were receiving a Provincial first appointment, promotion and those remaining in office. 1966 are particularly thrilled to have four active officers for the 2017-2018 season.

Festive Board: Main photo E Comps Steve Wilkinson, Jim Nicol, Comp Brian Pollard and E Comp Jim Hill. Below are all other Comps attending  enjoying the evening

After the closing 20 Companions retired for the Festive Board of Steak and Ale Pie with seasonal trimmings followed by a tasty cheese board and biscuits. The Visitors’ Toast was proposed by E Comp Chris Summers and a fellow Lodge of Construction member E Comp Steve Wilkinson, a member of St George, Exeter, responded with good humour.