Fidelity and Sincerity, 1966, Installation September 2017

The Installation Ceremony was, unfortunately, not as hoped as Z Elect was recovering from major heart surgery and the Principal Sojourner Elect had injured his back only hours before the evening was to start. However, that said the offices were filled and the evening went off quite well.

The Chapter was opened and E Comp Chris Moore, PrGDC, informed the companions that E Comp Alan Holton, Deputy Grand Superintendent, was without and demanded admittance. He was accompanied by E Comp Norman Sumpter, PrGStdB and E Comp Fred Body, PrSteward, and was welcomed by E Comp John Brown, MEZ.

Minutes of the last Convocation was approved and the Almoner, E Comp Keith Smith, gave his report. With his other hat on E Comp Keith then gave his Treasurer’s report which was duly passed.

Next item was to install the three Principals and E Comp Richard Gale took Scribe N’s chair and Comp Jason Vincent was presented by the DC, E Comp Adrian Halliwell, and took his obligation. Next E Comp Mike Condick assumed the chair of J and DC then presented E Comp Andrew Kerslake who then ratified his Obligation then was clothed in robe and collar and presented with the Sceptre and was placed in the chair of H. All companions below the rank of and Installed Principal retired, then MEZ declared a board of Installed Principals and Comp Jason was Installed into the chair of J. The companions were readmitted and the Officers were duly appointed by MEZ.

The 3 Principals for 2017/18: E Comps Andrew Kerslake, H, John Brown, MEZ pro tem, and Jason Vincent

E Comp Alan Holton then gave the Address to the Principals (H & J only), E Comp Chris Summers gave the Address to the Officers and E Comp Keith Colman that to the Companions.

E Comp Alan Holton, DGS, with the 3 Principals
DGS’s Steward (Fred Body) and Standard Bearer (Norman Sumpter) join the others

E Comp Alan then presented Comp Simon Gamlin with his Grand Chapter Certificate. This was followed by a proposal to purchase a Square and Compass, to be duly engraved, in memory of E Comp Walter Cole, PGAssSoj. There followed a vote on the adoption of the new Chapter Bylaws which have been cribbed from Somerset 1st Principals’, so should be perfect. These were approved and will now be passed on up to Province and Supreme Grand Chapter. There being no other business the Chapter was closed and companions retired to the Dining Room for an excellent supper.