F & S Have a Quiet Meeting in February

We had a very small number attending this meeting so we were pleased to receive E Comp Clive Lambert, Deputy Grand Superintendent, here in Wellington. E Comp Chris Moore, Prov DC, entered the Chapter immediately it was opened to announce that E Comp Clive was outside the door, accompanied by E Comps Chris Summers, PGStdB, Jim Nicol, Prov Ass Scribe E, and John Brown, Prov 2nd AssGSoj. Clive was welcomed by MEZ, Jason Vincent, proffered the Sceptre, which was returned post haste.

The minutes were duly confirmed and the Almoner, E Comp Keith Smith, gave a report on those companions and or wives who were unwell.

MEZ then announced the next labour of the evening was to give the Historical and Symbolical lectures. Both of these lectures were given in catechetical form by companions under direction of E Comp Chris Waterhouse, J, and E Comp Paul Spoors, H. This went well with the companions having learnt there parts.

The next item was to present an explanation of the Tracing Board. E Comp Jim Nicol lead the lecture and Companions read from the pages distributed by the DC, E Comp Adrian Halliwell. With 19 parts to this presentation only four people without anything to read!

E Comp Clive then presented a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp Alan Clayton, who had been Exalted at our November meeting.

Under the 2nd and 3rd Risings DGS congratulated those companions from 1966 who would be promoted or first appointments at the forthcoming Provincial Convocation in May, to which acclamation was given. On the fourth rising Comp Simon Gamlin proposed a candidate for Exaltation which was seconded by E Comp Adrian Halliwell.

Obviously three demob happy Principals

The Chapter was closed in peace and harmony the Principals and DGS retired and the companions returned the Chapter to a Craft Lodge. An enjoyable Festive Board was had, E Comp Chris Summers gave a sincere visitor’s toast and E Comp Peter Thomas responded on behalf of the five visitors.