Explanation of the Ensigns at Brotherly Love

At the April Convocation the Chapter opened at 6:00pm, which left a few companions outside the door as they arrived late, expecting the usual 6:30pm start, including myself. After the opening these wayward companions were admitted with an explanation of “car trouble, e.i. I didn’t get in it early enough” by one companion.

The Chapter welcomed E Comp Clive Lambert, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal, and was proffered the Sceptre by E Comp Neil Tinkley, MEZ, which he returned with thanks. MEZ then announced the passing to the Grand Chapter above of three companions and E Comp Neville Harrisson then gave a Eulogy for E Comp Graham Gomm Whitworth, PPGReg, a former Organist for the Chapter who was made an Honorary Member in 2010. He was aged 89. Companions stood to order in respect of departed merit for the three companions.

DonkeyLion2The Chapter then proceeded with the usual Agenda items before MEZ gave a most informative talk on the Ensigns of the Chapter. these are very unique, thought to have been in existence since the Consecration in 1822. The ensigns are like no other in the Province of Somerset being oval shaped cast in in metal (unfortunately I was unable to take a photo as I had no camera. I have been able to add the photos since).

A ballot was then taken for a Joining Member and E Comp Christopher Jeffrey was welcomed into the Chapter by the three Principals. A second ballot was taken to donate £250 to the TLC Appeal and £150 to Yeovil Opportunity Group, which was carried unanimously.

After the Risings the Chapter was closed in harmony, even without an organist, and the Companions retired to the festive board.

Adrian Halliwell, Provincial Liaison Officer